Retail. Advertise. Network.

Retail-as-a-service (RaaS) blending physical and virtual retail spaces. Using a network of connected IoT Intelligent vending kiosks connecting consumers, retailers and brand marketers 24/7 365 days

Learning Intelligent Post-exchange Kiosk

One-Stop Digital Touchless Store

Smart, unattended retailing and mobile friendly

A 24/7 365 days retail-as-a-service IoT Intelligent vending kiosk and platform that address changing consumer behavior. Retailing transactions are primarily cashless using mobile payment through app and QR-Codes Scan

Built for any product and every environment.

Your product can be delivered in a multitude of ways using our digitally fueled in-kiosk experiences with brand-new technology that creates new revenue streams. There are no limits. The possibilities are endless.

Achieving parity with digital media

Fostering dynamic brands and interactions, where you want it, when you want it; and helping you reach your targeted audiences - in a secured network of IoT vending devices - one kiosk and one location at a time.

Privacy first platform

Our technology and solution are guided by an uncompromising respect for user privacy and control, brand safety, data security and platform integrity, coupled with an unrelenting compliance to PIPEDA, CCPA and GDPR.

AI-driven platform

Powered by machine learning, we leverage computer vision to solve issues around viewability data and analytics in terms of who is viewing the ads, their demographics in real-time while being anchored in privacy.

Edge and cloud technology

Bringing powerful data center-grade processing closer to endpoint devices, reducing application latency, facilitating rapid data transfer, accelerating service delivery, and improving quality of experience.

Edgeless connectivity

With multi-hop the kiosks act as hubs and relays for other devices forming a mesh network. Kiosk-to-kiosk connectivity discovering relevant information within proximity of the user and has the ability to communicate directly with other devices.

A Platform for the future

In the near future, our 4G/5G hotpost will connect communities where immersive commerce, collaborative workspace, real-time shipping, smart logistic, autonomous driving, sustainable society, traffic systems, first responders, municipal services, and transit IoT devices communicate continuously for better service.

COVID-19 Solutions

Point-Of-Care touchless dispensation of drugs/medication or healthcare products such as face shields, safety gloves, gowns, hand sanitizers, masks, test kits, thermometers, etc.

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