COVID-19 Solutions

Making Solutions Easy

One-Stop Digital Kiosk

We are able to offer assistance to the healthcare system by providing touchless and frictionless products and services 24/7  365 days with our Healthcare-As-A-Services (HaaS), IoT Intelligent Dispensing Kiosk including  a platform that addresses the need of the changing behavior with the COVID-19 in all Point-Of-Care (PoC) stations such as Hospitals, Clinics, and Senior Homes, etc.

Integrated digital thermometer

Point-Of-Care can benefit from a solution that will take a patient's or user’s temperature as they approach a kiosk. Thermometer is integrated with vision sensors and real-time information sent to the nursing center for communication, tracking and action.

touchless dispensation

Point-Of-Care touchless dispensation of drugs/medication or healthcare products such as face shields, safety gloves, gowns, hand sanitizers, masks, test kits, thermometers, etc.​

real-time reports

Point-Of-Care can also see real-time reports on products being dispensed by location, by doctor, products, amounts and individual transactions.​

Communication ​​

Point-Of-Care can use a digital touchless screen for real-time PR messaging and share emergency at the place of care or location.

Mobile App

A patient or user can use mobile app and QR-Scan to collect the product type and quantity as assigned by the healthcare professional. This is touchless and frictionless service.

healthcare PPE monitoring

Healthcare personal protective equipment is being worn by authorized personnel and record and report the number of violations detected in real-time.

Patient monitoring

Wearable sensor such as smartwatch allowing to continuously monitor patient heart rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen, temperature, sleep, and more. Results are wirelessly and securely transmitted to the base station and the nursing center.

Privacy Compliance

PIPEDA, CCPA, GDPR and HIPAA Compliant and can be tied into healthcare software.

Core Technology

AI-driven healthcare Point-Of-Care powered by machine learning and computer vision tapping into massive amounts of data (such as temperature) connected for the first time by pervasive networks.

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