We transform your retail into a 24/7 touchless powerful store.

Bringing retailers and shoppers into a single frictionless platform.

New way of selling your inventory.

Built for any product

  • Drinks / Snacks /Frozen Foods
  • Hot Meals / Soups / Healthy Foods / Drinks
  • Electronic Products / Daily Commodities
  • Stationery / Toys / Sport Products
  • Medical Products
  • Baby Products / Travel Supplies
  • Books & Magazines
  • And much more

For every environment

  • Shopping Center
  • Food Court / Retail / Grocery and Store
  • Bar / Quick-Serve / Restaurants
  • Transit Hub & Station / Airport
  • Office Building / Business
  • Theater / Casino / Hotel
  • Indoor Recreation / Outdoor Recreation
  • And much more


50/55 inches of industry-disrupting, super responsive touchscreen.

Real-Time Monitoring

Centralized Inventory Management, dynamic, interactive, smarter than any traditional vending machine.


A multi-tenancy IoT vending kiosk allowing up to 6 retailers sharing the kiosk.

Mobile & cashless

Mobile Application that acts as the front-store of your retail allowing customers to remotely interact with your vending kiosk.

Choose the perfect term

> 36 months


Per month

  • Kiosk with elevator
  • Subscriptions
  • Shipment
  • Support

24 months


Per month

  • Kiosk w/o elevator
  • Shipment
  • Support

< 12 months


Per month

  • Kiosk w/o elevator
  • Support

Operational fees such as utilities, maintenance, rent and others are not included

Our process

Reimagine retail. Reimagine your future.


You have a location.


Contact us and we will send you our qualification questionnaire.

Setup & Installation

Agreement completion, account(s) set-up, training and kiosk installation (depending of the location and availability), etc.


You stock. Our kiosk sells. You make money. We Support.

Shaping the future

Because everyone wants better choices, wherever they are.

Start with Lipk today!

Innovation can be delivered in a multitude of ways – new product lines, digitally fueled instore experiences, or brand-new technology that creates new revenue streams. There are no limits. There are no rules. The possibilities are endless.