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Engage and delight your audience! Reach your customers with interactive and targeted ads.


Target the right audience triggered by data.


Raise your ad-value and measure real business outcomes based on the advertisement .


Measuring the effectiveness of the advertisement.

privacy compliant

PIPEDA (Canada), CCPA (California) and GDPR (European Union).

advertising for everyone.

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Reach an unlimited audience.

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Reach local markets. 

We believe

Every interaction is a premium impression to someone. 

Vision + Data

Achieved using transaction data paired with demographic information of the vision sensor at the moment of transaction.

Vision + Geofencing

Programmatically triggering an ad with vision sensor when a target consumer is at the kiosk or when the vision sensor identifies the targeted audience within the pre-defined fence.

Computer Vision

Using eye-tracking technology to see what/where people look at (such as displays) and for how long.

Emotion tracking recognition

When a consumer stops at the kiosk, emotion recognition technology enables the kiosk to deliver a highly personalised message.


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  • Data-driven campaigns
  • Audience-based
  • Real-time analytics
  • Much more
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> 5 screens or more than 48 ad-plays per day
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